Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Marriages

Providing in depth, faith based premarital counseling services that are focused on equipping couples with tools to build and maintain healthy and lasting marriages.

Walk away with tools and skillsets that will better equip you and give a greater sense of confidence as you begin your marriage journey.


Get to Know Christina

Christina was born and raised in Athens, Greece. At the age of 11, she moved to Canada where she spent most of her young adult life. In 2016, she married her husband Paul and moved to Washington, DC where she and her husband planted and are currently pastoring Overflow City Church. She has been a full-time Pastor for three years, and in ministry for over ten years. She is passionate about discipleship and premarital counseling.

In 2017, her long-time passion to see healthy marriages, opened the door for her to pursue training in premarital counseling. Since 2018, she has been certified and has worked with countless couples across the country by providing faith-based premarital counseling services.

Her passion as a premarital counselor comes from the conviction that a healthy society begins with healthy families, and healthy families begin with healthy marriages. If we can start the journey with the right tools and a healthy perspective, then we can expect longevity in marriage and produce long-lasting, healthy fruit.


What I Do

Premarital Counseling

Faith Based Workshops for Women

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Experienced Feedback

The sessions were very detailed, informative, engaging, and humorous. Christina is a phenomenal counselor who genuinely cares, listens and wants the best for her couples. We couldn’t be more grateful to have started our marriage off on the right foot thanks to the wealth of knowledge the Lord has placed in Christina!
Loza & Yordy
Our sessions with Christina provided us with more than we could have imagined. We received practical counseling rooted in biblical principles and gained tools that we’ve already begun to use and will carry over into our marriage. The exercises that she assigned were intentional and targeted towards our individual needs. I can’t recommend Christina enough for anyone preparing for marriage!
Erica & Jon
Our premarital counseling with Christina truly exceeded all of our expectations! She was extremely easy to open up with and challenged us in different ways to promote growth in our future marriage. We especially enjoyed the handbook exercises that Christina had planned for us, they covered multiple topics such as money, family and conflict resolution! We appreciate everything she has done for us through these sessions and would strongly recommend her!
Michael & Naz
Premarital counseling with Christina was so worth it. It really prepared my husband and I for the transition of marriage. We were given great tools that equipped us to better our relationship. Now being 6 months married, we are so grateful we did this. Highly recommend!
Ruth & Aman
In hearing the raving comments from friends who had completed premarital counseling with Christina, and saw the fruit from it, I knew it was a necessity for me and my fiancé. We covered a plethora of topics and skills that were not only biblically backed and supported, but practical. Things we still use and need to refer back to time and time again. It was encouraging in the season of preparing for our oneness that we were going into it feeling equipped.
Melody & Yafet
Pre-marital counseling was honestly one of the best parts of our engagement season. We greatly appreciated the wisdom, intentionality, and lessons Christina shared with us. It gave us the space to process and understand God's design for marriage and gave us practical skills to apply to our own marriage.
Matthew & Tsega
We greatly benefitted from Christina’s teaching and wisdom. We especially appreciated that she consistently pointed us back to God’s word on these topics. Christina truly cares about her couples and wants to see them succeed. She is not only committed to counseling you but praying with you and cheering you on well after the sessions are over. Thank you, Christina, for blessing our marriage and giving us a firm foundation.
Melat & Yonas
What we learned from Christina has impacted our bond together for the better and we now have a framework to build our life from. She has always offered us constructive feedback and actionable steps to improve and strengthen our bond over time. She has truly been a blessing for us!
Mary & Brandon
Our session with Christina equipped and prepared us to face this life-altering experience called marriage. Not only were the topics we discussed very useful and applicable, but it was also easier to understand because she incorporated examples drawn from real-life experiences.
Misty & Robel
Daniel and I are so blessed to have gone through premarital counseling with Christina. What we loved most is that she made sure to always bring in what God says about every topic. I’m excited to say we’ve gained new skills and resources to help us in our marriage. Christina was also so attentive and truly cared about preparing us for this new chapter of our lives. 
Blene & Daniel
Working with Christina was phenomenal. She was very professional throughout the entire experience and gave us so much insight and wisdom that we still refer to from time to time. She's a wonderful listener who provided us with the attention and constructive advice we need.
Asmeret & Mickey
Christina is personable, knowledgeable, and really invested her time and energy to make sure we were equipped with biblical-based understanding and tools that are essential for marriage. She also gave us a safe space to ask questions, discuss things we had not before, and pushed us to really dig deep within ourselves as well as what the Word says about marriage.
Blen & Barkot
Christina created a safe space in which we felt comfortable sharing with her things about one another. Offering her thoughts from a Godly perspective really strengthened our communication with one another and helped us better understand one another. There was always room for a little light-heartedness and fun during our sessions, but we always walked away feeling as though we knew more about one another and how to function as a married couple than when we first arrived. If you are seeking out a marriage counselor who will not only help you and your spouse grow with one another but also in your faith, we couldn't recommend a better person!
Lily & Zachary
Christina is an excellent premarital counselor. She taught us about marriage through biblical lenses and coupled it with helpful practical day-to-day tips. She answers your questions with respect and wisdom. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, biblically sound, refreshing perspective on Godly marriage, Christina is the premarital counselor for you. You won’t regret it!
Christine & Nathaniel

What We Offer

Resources that promote growth and develop understanding that will better equip and give you a greater sense of confidence as you begin your marriage journey.
Faith-based insight and support that will enable couples to build a stable marriage on the foundation of their relationship with God.
Specific tools that will help develop necessary skill sets such as: communication, conflict resolution, setting healthy boundaries, identifying relationship roles, creating balance, and better planning strategies for their future.

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What to Expect

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital counseling consists of nine sessions. Each session will be one and a half hours long. The resources that will be needed will be provided at the start of the journey. Once the couple has completed their premarital counseling sessions, they will receive a certificate of completion.


The cost of each session will be $90. This fee does not include the one-time fee of $35 that the couple will have to pay to complete the mandatory Prepare-Enrich Couple Assessment.

Payments for each session are immediately due at the end of each session. Any cancellations less than 12 hours will result in a $45 charge. A no-show will result in the charge of the full amount for the session ($90).


In addition to premarital counseling, Christina also provides workshops on spiritual development for women via her Grow&Go platform.

The purpose of Grow&Go is to equip and encourage women in their faith journey, as well as empower them to walk confidently in their God given purpose. You can follow Grow&Go on Instagram @grow.andgo

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